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What was the game mechanic for F Stop? : Portal – Reddit


Dec 17, 2017 – If anyone out there can tell me the game mechanic, not the story, for F stop in the Portal 2 Beta I would love to hear from you. … Welcome to Aperture Laboratories. The subreddit for Portal an…

F-Stop – Valve Cut Content


Jump to Background – … F-Stop was decided to be a prequel to Portal with no GlaDOS (but a cameo as betty), no Portals (only for gameplay, possibly seen in a test …

Unused content – Portal Wiki


Nov 17, 2018 – 1 Portal. 1.1 Mechanics; 1.2 Weapons; 1.3 Gallery. 2 Portal: Still Alive … Portal: Still Alive has the same unused content as the original game, with the … F-Stop, This mechanic was original…

Portal 2 alternate realities detailed by Valve writers – SlashGear


Mar 9, 2012 – As all games begin with an idea, so too did Portal 2 begin with a notion … kind of photography gameplay, where changing the f-stop (aperture …

Portal 2 Wasn't Going To Include Portals, According To New iPad App


Apr 21, 2011 – The game, based on an internal prototype called F-Stop, was built … Back in ’08, those uneasy test player wanted portals in their Portal 2.

View topic – Portal 2 F-stop – BetaArchive


Does anyone have anything on the beta for portal 2 with the F-stop . I know that valve might use it in an other game. I did find this …

Valve: Portal 2 will probably be our last game w/ an isolated …


F-Stop was Portal 2 till it was shelved because it didn’t have any portals. It was a prequel to Portal set in Aperture, in the past, with no Glados or …

Video: Valve on Portal 2, the 'sequel to a game that … – Gamasutra


Mar 20, 2013 – An early Portal 2 that Valve experimented with didn’t have Chell, … where a mysterious mechanic known as “F-STOP” propelled the gameplay …

The Portal 2 That Could Have Been | Rock Paper Shotgun


Mar 8, 2012 – Imagine a Portal 2 with no GLaDOS, Chell, nor portals. … the next Portal sequel/spin-off will be this 1980s F-Stop game, featuring Johnson and …

Portal 2's Creators On Crafting Games Through Experiential Stories


Apr 27, 2011 – With the release of Portal 2, game developer Valve has followed-up the … GlaDOS seems to get exasperated by Wheatley and wants to stop …

Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle-platform video game developed by Valve Corporation. It was ….. For five months, they focused on a gameplay mechanic called “F-Stop”; Valve did not discuss the specifics of th…

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