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Portal Fantasy | Best Fantasy Books


The definitive guide to the Portal Fantasy subgenre, a crowd-ranked list of the best Portal Fantasy books, and our own Portal Fantasy book recommendations.

Subgenre of the Week: Portal Fantasy | Atsiko's Chimney


Sep 21, 2013 – Portal Fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy where the protagonist goes through a portal from the real world into the fantastic.

Portals in fiction – Wikipedia


The word “portal” in science fiction and fantasy generally refers to a technological or magical doorway that connects two distant locations separated by …

More Than 50 Must-Read Portal Fantasy Books | Book Riot


Jul 17, 2019 – I have used a fairly broad definition of portal fantasy here, and divided portal fantasy books roughly by age range as well as including a few …

8 Truly Transporting Portal Fantasy Novels We Love – Barnes & Noble


Dec 7, 2016 – The portal fantasy: a cornerstone of the genre, and a symbol of all the beauty … mental illness, addiction, power, and what it means to grow up.

Where to Start with Portal Fantasies by Seanan McGuire |


Nov 17, 2016 – Interestingly, although many definitions of the portal fantasy will involve going once and never again, in three of these four, the child or children, …

[Discussion] High Fantasy vs. Portal Fantasy : writing – Reddit


For the sake of this discussion let’s go with the classic definition of these distinct Fantasy subgenres: * **High Fantasy:** Entire story takes…

Four Types of Fantasy: Portal Quest, Immersive … – Sharon Dawn Selby


Four Types of Fantasy: Portal Quest, Immersive, Intrusion, and Liminal. An Introduction to the Genre. Types of Fantasy. There are four generally accepted types …

Portals in Science Fiction & Fantasy | Kirkus Reviews


Nov 20, 2013 – The most obvious definition of portals—doorways to other places—is … A portal serves a similar purpose in the high fantasy novel The Lion, the …

No more portal fantasy? 🙁 | Creative Writing Forums – Writing …


Sep 11, 2015 – I’m finding a lot of no-more-portal-fantasy-ffs verbiage… … in fanfiction and by poor authors who use it as a means to rip characters into a world …

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