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Has anyone successfully implemented portals with SSR? · React

Jun 20, 2018 – We’re using nextjs and I’d like to use portals for a global modal, but it seems it’s problematic –

Unexpected warning when hydrating with portal and SSR · Issue …

Apr 15, 2018 – In my case, I try to render a modal inside a portal. The Modal component … I use React 16.3 with a custom SSR method. I’m not sure if this is the …

Does not work with SSR · Issue #217 · tajo/react-portal · GitHub

Nov 5, 2018 – When running this code with SSR I am seeing this: Invariant Violation: Portals are not currently │ supported by the server renderer. Render …

react-portal – npm

Nov 27, 2018 – Struggling with modals, lightboxes or loading bars in React? React-portal creates a new top-level React tree and injects its children into it.

@jesstelford/react-portal-universal – npm

Mar 21, 2019 – Wrapper for React’s createPortal allowing for rendering portals on the server.

Portals – React

Portals provide a first-class way to render children into a DOM node that exists … The first argument ( child ) is any renderable React child, such as an element, …

SSR + Portal pattern (detached nested react root) : reactjs – Reddit

I use the Portal pattern heavily because my app includes user-generated React.js expressions, that when broken, must not crash the app. The…

Create a simple react-head component using react portals – Medium

Feb 4, 2019 – Using React Portals seems quite a good idea and doesn’t require any … libraries if you need more advanced functionality, SSR for example.

What's New With Server-Side Rendering in React 16 – By – Hacker Noon

Aug 4, 2017 – A quick introduction to the new features in React 16 SSR, including arrays, …. React 16 SSR Doesn’t Support Error Boundaries or Portals.

Using React Portals to Render Children Outside the DOM Hierarchy …

Jan 14, 2019 – That’s where React Portals come in. They provide a way to render elements outside the DOM hierarchy so that elements are a little more …

Portal React component – Material-UI

The portal component renders its children into a new “subtree” outside of … The children of the portal component will be appended to the container specified.

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