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Web portal – Wikipedia


Jump to Search – Search portals aggregate results from several search engines into one page. You can find search portals specialized in a product, for …

What is a search engine portal? – Quora


Aug 25, 2016 – The AOL portal would give you news, email, and, all but birthed the idea of, keyword search. Many upstarts no longer known were in the same …

Search Portals – GILS


Many Web portals and other services need a search portal for searching across databases and other Internet resources. With GILS as a common search …

What is Portal? Webopedia Definition


(1) A Web portal or public portal refers to a Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls. … (2) An enterprise po…

Difference Between Search Engine and Portal – javatpoint


Portal. Portal is a private location on the internet which acts as a point of access to the information available on the World Wide Web. A portal is accessed through a unique URL, unique username and password, …

About the Search Portal – eippee


The portal itself contains a ‘map’ of core resources across Europe that are searchable from the same interface.The search engine is designed to allow registered users to submit new websites and to recom…

What's the Difference Between Search Engine and Web Portal


Know the basic differences between search engine and web portals with the help of easy online guides on Search engines and web portals with examples.

Are You Using the Web's Most Popular Portals? – Lifewire


Jul 1, 2019 – Do you use any of the world’s top 10 Web portals? … you can see from it being so highly ranked, it is still one of the most popular search portals.

CompletePlanet: An Invisible Web Portal – Lifewire


Jul 19, 2019 – CompletePlanet was a portal to over 70000 invisible web resources. … The tool was able to search over 70,000 databases and specialty …

ByteDance launches a new search portal that returns a mix of …


Aug 11, 2019 – ByteDance has taken another step into search with the launch of a new search portal today. Called Toutiao Search, the portal is part of the …

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