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CRM Portals: Open your doors to your Customers, Partners …


May 22, 2006 – A CRM portal is an extension to a CRM system. A CRM portal is a way to open up the CRM system to people who are not CRM system users. This allows them to work with and get information from the c…

Why Use a CRM Portal? – TechAir


Aug 26, 2016 – A CRM portal is an extension of your CRM system; little chunks broken off just for your customers and partners to access. This is typically done with a webpage frontend that interacts with the p…

Dynamics 365 Portals Options and Considerations | The CRM …


Microsoft Dynamics 365 portals are yet another way you can extend CRM. … A portal is an independently running application that exposes specific CRM data and functionality to the expected users. … The next s…

Dynamics 365 Portals: Why You Need Them & How to Try …


Discover how these portals empower customer engagement by extending your reach … If you’re using or planning to use CRM for case management, a fantastic …

How to Get Started with Dynamics 365 Web Portals


Mar 29, 2019 – Web portals are a great way to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 by sharing selective data with non-CRM users, or provide staff with additional …

CRM Customer Portal Choices – CRM Switch


Jun 5, 2012 – The CRM customer portal options offered by the major CRM vendors.

What is CRM? – NetSuite


Learn about the history of CRM, where it was conceived, its historical evolution … channel relationships with functions such a secure partner portal and analytics.

Different Types of CRM Portals – Microsoft Dynamics Community


Nov 19, 2018 – Portal Audience: Customer Employee Partner Customer Portals:- This portal will help customers with helpful information, reducing the number …

What is CRM?| Microsoft Dynamics 365


Learn what CRM is, how it helps you manage customer relationships, and discover a … self-schedule appointments and monitor service with a customer portal.

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